About Us

The Strength Of Experience

There is a better way to financial security: PointGuard Wealth Advisors XelloratorTM financial planning. Only PointGuard Wealth Advisors offers you exclusive access to a broad range of tools to accelerate your financial success including PointGuardTM Advisors Network of personal and business advisors, and My Financial CoachTM executive financial planning.

Whether you are seeking for your own personal wealth and financial services, or managing your company bringing the best-in-practice corporate insurance, PointGuard Wealth Advisors is a diversified insurance and investment firm. Our services help individuals and businesses preserve and grow your wealth through objectively and carefully considered financial goals.

Services for Individuals & Businesses

  • Individual & Executive Financial Planning

  • Asset Management

  • Qualified & Non-Qualified Retirement Plans

  • Health Care Planning

  • Insurance & Risk Management

  • Employee Benefits & Human Resources

  • Income & Estate Planning

  • Business Valuations & Succession Planning

Why Us?

PointGuard Wealth Advisors

The Best Time is Now

In times of economic and market turmoil, the need for thoughtful financial planning becomes a priority. WealthRx is here to provide a calm, clear-headed review of your current financial positions, understand your financial goals, and offer intelligent guidance.

Employer & Employees

We work with employers to offer their key executives and employees a holistic financial planning process that pulls information together from every source and assembles it in one at-a-glance online application. More importantly, we provide dedicated and unbiased advice, personalized financial plans, and individual financial coaching. We partner with employers to create increased productivity and retention of top performers.

Private Investment Strategies

Remaining focused on your long-term retirement goals can be stressful as market volatility reaches new highs. We help you navigate market ups and downs and help you tune out the market static that can lead to poor financial decisions. WealthRx is committed to helping you reach your goals.
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The Power of PointGuard

PointGuard Wealth Advisors is a member of the PointGuard Advisors Network. PointGuard was founded to bring together many companies and professionals, serving all aspects of personal and business financial services. Through PointGuard, we offer our clients access to elite advisors, and through our ownership interest in Lion Street™, our network of professionals extends across the country.